Tip 1: Never panic!! All you need to do is blot up the stain with a clean towel and call the professionals. Call Pro-Clean Banbury straight away!

Tip 2: Do NOT Google or YouTube cleaning tips or videos! We have seen videos using WD40 Oil and Shaving Foam to clean stains from carpets…this does NOT work and will ruin your carpet!

Tip 3: Always dab and NEVER scrub!! Scrubbing your carpet (no matter what product you’re using) will only force dirt deeper into the carpet, making it harder to remove the stain. Whereas dabbing with a clean towel gives you much better transfer, and you can see how much is coming off onto the towel.

Tip 4: Getting your carpets cleaned regularly does NOT make your carpets dirtier quicker!! This is just a myth. Historically, people used a rotary scrubbing machine which would brush shampoo into the carpet, but it would leave the shampoo in there. Shampoo is a detergent, and detergent works by attracting dirt to themselves, making your carpet appear dirtier quicker. These days we don’t use those old techniques and we have much more advanced machinery, which means we now have high quality extraction machines that leave your carpets clean, fresh and detergent free!

Tip 5: If you have a biological stain, for example, your pet has left a urine stain on your carpet. Ideally, never use anything stronger than water,  but in this instance, sprinkling in a weak solution of a biological washing detergent into some lukewarm water, dab that all over the stain. After that, put a clean towel over it, leave it and call Pro-Clean Banbury! Whilst we are on our way, the biological detergent will start to break down the stain, which will make it easier to remove. Remember to always dab and never scrub!!


Stay tuned, as we will be adding a link soon to our Youtube Channel, with all our new Neal’s Top Tips videos for you to watch. Including some demos on how to use our Spotter Kits on your carpets at home!

By Courtney Barnes – Marketing Assistant